Business Sales

Business Sales
by SymAdam_MurthaMergers

Can You Afford to Leave your Business?

Business Broker for the $1-50 Million Market

Choosing the right business broker to sell your business is a very important decision. You will need a broker who understands business value, effective marketing, and negotiation tactics. Without an effective strategy in place, you may find yourself failing to find a buyer or potentially selling your business for less than its true value. With decades of combined experience, Murtha & Murtha is ready and able to guide you to a successful closing while ensuring that you realize the maximum potential value of your business.

Simply finding a buyer is the easy part. Exiting your business, or even diminishing your role, is a daunting affair. You need expert guidance. We know that you want to see your business grow and prosper after your exit. You want to see your employees continue to work and grow with the company after your exit. We make it our mission to find the “perfect fit”. We want bring new ownership that is excited about your business and sees the opportunity to succeed.  We work with individuals and groups with proven track records and industry experience.

Experience the Murtha & Murtha Difference

Our Initial Consultation is Free

You don’t have to sign a contract with us to get our opinion. Our primary goal when we meet a new client, regardless of the industry, is to give sound advice. This often means pointing our clients in a direction other than selling. We want to help you make the best decision for your family, your employees, and yourself. We consult with our clients from beginning to end on a success fee basis. We will never let our fee get in the way of our client’s best interests.

What's Included

Our initial consultation will arm you with the knowledge required to make one of the biggest decisions of your career. Does selling or merging your business depend on its value? We will determine the value of your business as part of your free consultation. We are certified experts in business valuation. We put our expertise to work when we consult with our clients. We will show you our opinion of value, and describe how we got there. We employ many methods and databases to ensure an accurate estimate of value.

The M&M Network

With many years of experience in the M&A field, we have developed a network of buyers, lenders, and experts to help our clients get the most value out of their sale. We are working directly with hundreds of buyers in our network. Our buyers range from individuals eager to find a strong business opportunity to equity groups and corporations with dreams of bringing your business to a new level. Our network of lenders provides our buyers with the capital needed to make a purchase while providing our sellers with strong cash offers.

Our Philosophy

We exist to serve our clients. We always act in the best interest of our clients, even if that means we delay or lose our fee. Our philosophy is: by helping people get what they need, we will get what we need.

Our Fee

We generally work on a 100% success fee basis. You are hiring us to bring you a buyer for your business quickly and confidentially. Many other investment banks require stiff retainers and expense accounts. Because we are a boutique investment banking firm working on a limited number of engagements, we are able to keep our up front fees to a minimum.

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