Planning & Advising

Planning & Advising
by SymAdam_MurthaMergers

Exit Strategy Advising

An exit plan is a comprehensive guide to successfully exit your business. An exit plan considers and prepares for all conceivable ways you may leave your business, whether by sale, illness or death, divorce or even if you are just plain ready to move on to other pursuits.

Studies have found that fewer than 30% of private business owners have an exit plan. Those who do find that they are able to achieve their personal and financial goals, control how and when they leave their business, maximize company value and minimize taxes upon sale.

Those who have no plan risk undervaluing their companies, leaving their hard-earned wealth on the table, paying too much in capital gains and income taxes and fail to achieve their financial and personal goals. In short, those who plan find retirement much more rewarding.

Exit planning involves “getting your house in order”. We work with you and other individuals vested in your business, which may include a spouse or significant other and children, to construct a plan to maximize the value of your business, prepare your business for your eventual exit and explore your financial and personal goals to ensure that you will be able to achieve them.

In concert with your attorney and CPA, we will cover all the bases, from your estate plan to a “legal audit” of your business to ensure compliance with all government requirements.

The result is you will achieve peace of mind knowing that you have a plan in place that considers all the possible alternatives, puts you in control of how and when you leave your business and works toward preparing your business to maximize value when you leave.

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